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FEATURED PRODUCT Lite Shield Large Frame Protector LIGHT AND TOUGH BIKE FRAME PROTECTION Looking for full protection for your downtube or toptube? Made in Bend Oregon,  our Lite Shields offer 12 mils of tough PVC protection. With just the right amount of flexibility and super strong adhesive, these protectors fit to your frame and stay in place.The Lite Shield Large Frame Protector offers over 21" of clear protection optimized for your frame.  At 21" long and 2.5" wide the Large Frame Protector completely covers most downtubes and wraps just a bit around the sides of most standard 2" downtubes. This moto grade material is super tough in guarding your frane from rocks, sticks, tailgates, wayward brake levers and abrasive tail gates carriers! The Lite Shield material can also be layered to double the thickness or you can apply our even thicker domed protectors on top! Suitable for any shape tube!  SEE MORE about the Liteshield Large Frame Kit