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Featured Product Lite Shield Frame and Component Protectors Lite Shield is actually not just one product, but a  special material  that we use for several different products including our popular  Lite Shield Frame ,  Fork  and  Crank shields . We also offer a  Handlebar  protector and our new full wrap  Chainstay  protector made out of the Lite Shield material. The Lite Shield material is a 12mil (.3mm) PVC - the same material that they use for motorcycle protection and while light is unbelievably tough! Unlike polyurethane protectors which have a soft feel when you press them with your fingernail, the Lite Shield material has a much harder surface feel. The adhesion is excellent and while it has a bit of a rigid feel when you remove it from the backer, a quick blast of heat from a heat gun or hair dryer will make it pliable and easy to apply to even sharp radius curves. Once applied, the Lite Shield protectors creates a hard shell which offers incredibly durable protecti