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Product Feature -   Flex Shield and Flex Shield PLUS  Flexible Bicycle Downtube Protector Bike frames come in all different shapes and sizes, so we had to design a downtube protector which would work no matter what the tube shape. The Flex Shield is designed to offer more flexibility at the bottom bracket area than our standard downtube protectors. The material is a 1.25 mm polyurethane dome which has been optimized by design and thickness to work better for tubes that curve in two directions,  such as round alloy downtubes and carbon tubes that curve towards the bottom bracket.  Our standard downtube protectors work best when applied to flat carbon tubes or large diameter alloy tubes. The PLUS version includes an extra piece - we've added a 10"x2" Lite Shield protector which you apply to your frame first and then apply the domed protector over top. This adds an extra layer of protection and eliminates the chance that a rock might damage the frame between th