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Removing Old Graphics 101

If you want to apply Bike Armor Frame Protection to your bike frame, oftentimes you first have to remove old graphics and thoroughly clean your frame! Removing graphics is an art acquired by experience! I bought a small trailer once which had graphics which were practically baked onto the finish of the trailer. I googled for days to find the best adhesive removal products money could buy, but while they all seemed to have a toxicity that would strip the smell from your nostrils for a month and remove your fingerprints, they didn't do the job to remove decals and the leftover adhesive.  As a matter of fact they  seemed to be  pretty much only worth the cans they were printed on! What I found did work was to apply some heat to the graphics with a hair dryer or heat gun which softens the material and the adhesive and makes removal much easier! After peeling the vinyl away from the paint I was usually left with messy, sticky adhesive. After trying multiple adhesive removal

Bike Armor - What we're all about!

Bike Armor - What we're all about! At Bike Armor, we're passionate about bikes.  Mountain bikes,  road bikes, gravel grinders,  cross bikes, fat bikes, well you get  the picture! We design and manufacture Bike Frame Protectors to keep your baby looking new! We're determined to design and manufacture the best possible products to protect your frame and we're always experimenting with new stuff and trying to make our products better!  We love to ride and test out products so that they  work the best they possibly can! If you have any questions about  our products, or you have any feedback, please give us a shout - we'd love to hear from you! Keep Riding! Team Bike Armor