FEATURED PRODUCTNEW - Lite Shield Ebike Downtube Kit Our NEW Ebike Frame Protector kit! Made wider to fit most Ebike downtubes. The Lite Shield Ebike Frame Protector kit offers 24.5 inches of clear protection optimized for your Ebike frame. Made from the same material used to protect motorcycles and snowmobiles, our 4pc kit includes two 10"x4" and two 4"x2.25" Lite Shield protectors. See More About the New Ebike Downtube KitSee more featured products at our Blog at 

The NEW Mud Shield front fender is designed to block mud, dirt and debris from being thrown forward by the front tire and into your face. It will also keep grime away from your lower headset bearings and out of the impossible to clean holes in your fork arch.
The Mud Shield rear fender is designed to be useful on any bike and can knock down crud flying off of 2.6" tires but still look slick on bikes running 25c rubber. With a total length of 15.25" it extends about 7.5" behind your seat to block mud, dirt and debris from being thrown up in a rooster tail and onto you.  SEE MORE about Mud Shield Fenders
Looking for full protection for your downtube or toptube? Made in Bend Oregon,  our Lite Shields offer 12 mils of tough PVC protection. With just the right amount of flexibility and super strong adhesive, these protectors fit to your frame and stay in place.The Lite Shield Large Frame Protector offers over 21" of clear protection optimized for your frame.  At 21" long and 2.5" wide the Large Frame Protector completely covers most downtubes and wraps just a bit around the sides of most standard 2" downtubes. This moto grade material is super tough in guarding your frane from rocks, sticks, tailgates, wayward brake levers and abrasive tail gates carriers! The Lite Shield material can also be layered to double the thickness or you can apply our even thicker domed protectors on top! Suitable for any shape tube!  SEE MORE about the Liteshield Large Frame Kit 
FEATURED PRODUCT Our Burly Heli Tape PLUS Protects Even Better! Bike Armor Paint Shield - Heli Tape PLUS goes anywhere you need it to protect your frame. At 14 mils our Heli Tape PLUS is 30% thicker than our standard Heli Tape for extra protection against trail and road hazards! With ultra sticky adhesive, our polyurethane Bike Frame Tape goes on easy and stays put to protect your frame in those less vulnerable areas. Heli Tape PLUS is on a paper backing so you can trim it easier for a custom application. SEE MORE about our Heli Tape Products
Featured Product Lite Shield Frame and Component Protectors Lite Shield is actually not just one product, but a special material that we use for several different products including our popular Lite Shield FrameFork and Crank shields. We also offer a Handlebar protector and our new full wrap Chainstay protector made out of the Lite Shield material. The Lite Shield material is a 12mil (.3mm) PVC - the same material that they use for motorcycle protection and while light is unbelievably tough! Unlike polyurethane protectors which have a soft feel when you press them with your fingernail, the Lite Shield material has a much harder surface feel. The adhesion is excellent and while it has a bit of a rigid feel when you remove it from the backer, a quick blast of heat from a heat gun or hair dryer will make it pliable and easy to apply to even sharp radius curves. Once applied, the Lite Shield protectors creates a hard shell which offers incredibly durable protection against rocks and othe…
Product Feature -Flex Shield and Flex Shield PLUS 
Flexible Bicycle Downtube Protector Bike frames come in all different shapes and sizes, so we had to design a downtube protector which would work no matter what the tube shape. The Flex Shield is designed to offer more flexibility at the bottom bracket area than our standard downtube protectors. The material is a 1.25 mm polyurethane dome which has been optimized by design and thickness to work better for tubes that curve in two directions,  such as round alloy downtubes and carbon tubes that curve towards the bottom bracket.  Our standard downtube protectors work best when applied to flat carbon tubes or large diameter alloy tubes.

The PLUS version includes an extra piece - we've added a 10"x2" Lite Shield protector which you apply to your frame first and then apply the domed protector over top. This adds an extra layer of protection and eliminates the chance that a rock might damage the frame between the cutouts.

The Fl…

Removing Old Graphics 101

If you want to apply Bike Armor Frame Protection to your bike frame, oftentimes you first have to remove old graphics and thoroughly clean your frame!

Removing graphics is an art acquired by experience! I bought a small trailer once which had graphics which were practically baked onto the finish of the trailer. I googled for days to find the best adhesive removal products money could buy, but while they all seemed to have a toxicity that would strip the smell from your nostrils for a month and remove your fingerprints, they didn't do the job to remove decals and the leftover adhesive.  As a matter of fact they seemed to be pretty much only worth the cans they were printed on!
What I found did work was to apply some heat to the graphics with a hair dryer or heat gun which softens the material and the adhesive and makes removal much easier! After peeling the vinyl away from the paint I was usually left with messy, sticky adhesive. After trying multiple adhesive removal products, I fo…